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How do I start finding a care facility for my husband?

Answered by David Troxel

September 21, 2014

My husband is almost beyond my help. I’m worn down. Others are seeing me looking this way. I will need to search out a home/hospital care for him. Where do I start?

It’s a good thing to stop and reflect on your situation, and it sounds like you are ready to take steps to take care of yourself. I would recommend contacting your local Alzheimer’s Association or society and ask them for a list of area residential care communities and in-home care providers. Ask friends for referrals, visit communities in your area, and interview home care providers.

If you find a place you like and that you can afford, they will do an assessment on your husband to determine the best level of care. He will likely need care at an assisted living level, but if his medical needs are greater he may need skilled nursing.

Most areas have more than one provider of dementia residential care. Pick a place where staff is lively, friendly and loving and where you see a rich activity program.

In-home care is also a great option for many families. Your husband may very likely be able to stay home with the help of a paid caregiver. This would offer him the comfort of familiar surroundings, private, personal care, and allow you to get some much deserved help.

Best wishes for success.

Thoughts and stories from others

  1. October 4, 2014 at 02:04 pm
    Posted by Troy

    Just moved my wife from home to Arbor Rose in Mesa Az. Staffing is short for number of residence , any one know of a good care center for Alzheimer's . It's a beautiful facility but a staffing problem.

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