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I think a home would be good

Answered by David Troxel

January 5, 2015

I think a home would be good—my mom stayed at home with sitters around the clock. After her death, my dad had full time sitters and then we decided we needed to know for sure that the sitters were there. We moved him into an Alzheimer’s home and he loved it. He was there not quite a year before his death at age 88. He was ready to go and we are blessed that he had a very wonderful life.

It sounds like you and your family have been thoughtful and loving care partners.

As we think about the journey of dementia it’s important to utilize different levels (or a “continuum”) of care. Many families have success starting out with in-home care; look for a reputable agency or provider that gives their team members good training. Be sure to find an in-home worker who is upbeat and engaging.

Day centers are also wonderful in that they get the person out of the house and into an activity rich, group setting.

My mother Dorothy who passed away with Alzheimer’s disease benefitted from some terrific in-home support but did finally move into an assisted living neighborhood for memory care. She was well cared for, happy and engaged. I’m glad you’ve had some similar experiences.

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