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Is Mom's behavior a sign of dementia?

Answered by Karen Garner

March 31, 2015

Hello, my mom is 75 and is constantly humming, whistling, doo-dahing and making mmmm sounds. She is not aware that she is doing this. When talking with her, she will tell you something in great detail and then repeat the same thing the very next day. She does have some health issues such as a heart condition, arthritis and many pains. Her sister that she lived with for over 20 years died just over a year ago and my mom went to live with my brother and is going through some stress with him and is also depressed from time to time. Is this behavior a sign of dementia/Alzheimer’s or some other condition?

Without more information and without seeing your mom or being a medical doctor, I am not qualified to diagnosis her from afar. I can tell you that if you have concerns, I highly recommend taking her to a physician and if you don’t like those answers, keep pushing. Sometimes getting a diagnosis is very difficult, depending on the doctor. It is heartbreaking to watch our parents grow older and I sympathize with you. But I am glad you are concerned and that you care for your Mom so much. Many older adults aren’t so lucky. Since she just moved in with your brother, that could be a difficult adjustment for her and losing her sister that she lived with for so long would also be a tough time. The combination may be causing some of her symptoms. Be patient with her. Once she gets into her new routine, you may see some improvement. Again, it wouldn’t hurt to get her physicians’ opinion. Best of luck, DJ, and thanks for being such a caring son.

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  1. April 18, 2015 at 11:34 am
    Posted by Curtis

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