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  • Answered by Karen Garner:

    Mom suddenly wants my sister-in-law out of her house. Will this pass?

    My mother has decided that my sister-in-law (her primary caregiver) is evil and she wants her out of the house. My brother and his family have lived with my mom since they were first married (16 years). Mom does not remember that SIL (sister-in-law) is married to my brother. She expresses complete loathing for my […] read more

  • Answered by Karen Garner:

    How will we know when my mother needs full-time care?

    How do we know when we shouldn't leave my mother alone anymore? Any basic guidelines for knowing it is time for her to have full-time care? Will we just know? The decision to move a parent or loved one into a care facility or bring in help full-time is a daunting one and answers are […] read more

  • 4/24

    Answered by Karen Garner:

    What should I do about my mom's anger towards her dog?

    My mom has Alzheimer's. We moved her back in with us about 2.5 years ago so we could care for her. She has a miniature dachshund that came with her (Dotty). Dotty is my mom's little baby. She carries her around, sleeps with her, walks her twice a day, slips her extra food and treats. […] read more

  • 3/1

    Answered by Karen Garner:

    Any advice on how to manage aggression and anger behaviors?

    My husband is 74 and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's for 4 1/2 years. He is physically very healthy. No memory of anything he does or I say. On Exelon patch and Namenda XR and low dose of Seraquel for anger management the past 2 years. It has worked and he has been happy and […] read more

  • 2/20

    Answered by Karen Garner:

    Do you recommend any books about Alzheimer's for children?

    Our grandchildren are 7 and 10 and are having a hard time understanding what their grandmother has and why she is the way she is. Are there any books addressing these issues written for their age group? What a wonderfully concerned grandparent you are! There are many books for not only the ages your grandchildren […] read more

  • 2/17

    Answered by Karen Garner:

    Can Mom really not do certain tasks or does she just not want to?

    Mom, diagnosed with moderate cognitive impairment, who has never had a strong healthy regimen, is starting to lie to me about performing tasks (that I know she is capable of doing), and I find myself constantly asking, is this something she can't do anymore or won't do anymore? Examples: wash your hands with soap when […] read more

  • 1/26

    Answered by Karen Garner:

    When is the right time to start exploring assisted living facilities?

    Last year my mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia at only 61 years old. She had to leave her job as a nurse of 20 years, she can't drive anymore, and has virtually no short-term memory. I am paying for my aunt to be with her 20 hours per week, and her partner is […] read more

  • 11/21

    Answered by Karen Garner:

    How can I get my Mom to eat?

    Mom has developed a poor perception of thinking she has eaten and is full. It is now increasingly difficult to get her to even drink ensure. She will take a few small sips and then say,"I just ate a big lunch I'm full." She is losing weight rapidly and I think I have tried everything. […] read more

  • Answered by Karen Garner:

    Is there any treatment for snoring with a very loud waling sound while exhaling?

    Is there any treatment for snoring with a very loud waling sound while exhaling? My mom needs someone near her when sleeping, but I cant sleep in a bed next to her with this sound. Any suggestions? There are treatments, and you will have to visit your family doctor to get started. Chances are your […] read more

  • 11/14

    Answered by Karen Garner:

    Who is qualified to diagnose a person?

    Who is qualified to diagnose a person, do you first start with the family doctor? Typically it is a family doctor who gets the initial visit to figure out if something more needs to be tested, looked at or determined. Most patients go to the family doctor seeking answers. Then, upon reviewing the symptoms, the […] read more

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