Finding New Friends

Women drinking coffee

We all have different personalities. Some of us are more private. Some of us are open books. Some of us are somewhere in between. Personally, I am an open book. I do have private moments, thoughts and feelings, but overall, I am open. I am open to new ideas, I… Read More

The Seconds of the Day

Making Lasagna

There are so many of us that hash over what we do wrong and not what we do right as caregivers. Out of the 1440 minutes in a day, you can have 1 bad minute and downward spiral into a depression or guilt trip or obsessive self criticism. Nevermind the… Read More

How Understanding Alzheimer’s Can Help You Survive the Roadblocks Ahead

Karen Garner

Through all of the years of being a caregiver for Jim, I could never wrap my head around his declines, his seeming ability to be OK and then the next moment not and then the times that he seemed perfectly normal all the while not being able to remember if… Read More

Life is Long: Take a Deep Breath and Savor the Moment

Couple Together

I recently had the privilege of meeting a new friend who explained to me that “Life is Long.” I didn’t quite understand this meaning when they first told me, as I had always heard the saying “Life is Short.” In this day and age of reality T.V. and things happening… Read More

When Self Help Equals Survival

Karen Garner and her husband

Life comes at us fast, pulling us in different directions and making us make decisions in split seconds. I became a caregiver to my husband with no training other than having two kids under the age of 10. Read More

Members of the Club: “We are all in this together”

As a caregiver, we all become part of an exclusive club that we would rather not have the privilege of holding a membership card to. Although, we don’t choose to become a caregiver, we choose to remain a caregiver and to do the best we can each day. Some days… Read More

We All Need a Team Behind Us

Last fall my nephew asked me if I would like to run a 1/2 marathon with him this summer. I was elated he had asked. He would be graduating college (he did) and had several weddings, a cross country trip with his fellow grads and lots to do before starting… Read More

Bootstrap Time

Life can be tough without any challenges. It seems humans naturally find ways to see hardships and negatives and focus on what is wrong versus what is right. Or what is good. Or what is easy. We take our day to day lives and lose sight of joys in mundane… Read More

Treasure Box Troves

I recently was sorting through some storage totes we had tucked away years ago. In one of them, I found what I thought was long lost and what I had been searching for through many years: notebooks Jim had written to the kids when they were little and a letter… Read More

Lessons from Loss

People often comment how much more difficult it must have been to have gone through the process of caring for Jim and eventually losing him because we had young children at home. Although what they said was true on some levels, it wasn’t necessarily how I felt. I always sensed… Read More