Do’s and Don’ts (for caregivers)

Here are a few observations for now. I seem to be changing each day. One day I move forward and one day I move back. Feel free to add your own for your fellow caregivers. We are all in this together. DO Forgive yourself. You know for what. We are… Read More

Do’s and Don’ts (for friends and family of caregivers)

It has been long enough since Jim passed away that I feel I have a few tips for Do’s and Don’ts. There is no doubt I will have more in the coming days, months and years, but for now, these are some suggestions for caregivers and for those who care… Read More

Taking the Keys

I just saw a memory show up on my Facebook page from two years ago. Jim and Brad are smiling on our front porch. Brad and I were heading to the airport so we could fly to Iowa with his Odyssey of the Mind team for the World competition. Jim… Read More

Hospice Care

Several months before Jim passed away hospice was recommended. I wasn’t really familiar with exactly what hospice entailed, but I knew it was for when someone was pretty close to the end. It was a little scary. I told my friends and I could tell by the look on their… Read More

Jim Being Jim

There is survivors guilt and then there is caregivers guilt. I am suffering from both. At the same time. I am floundering in a sea of people moving forward, feeling bad for us but who have their own lives to push ahead and live. I get it. But it doesn’t… Read More

Worth It

Every couple has their story. How they met. What obstacles they overcame. What joys and sorrows they encountered. How their journey eventually ends. Maybe it is after a year. Maybe they get 50 or 60 years together. Now I know. I know the story Jim and I shared. I know… Read More

Jim is Gone

I thought that when Jim died I would be ready. I have known that day was coming for a really long time. There was always the off chance I would end up dying first, but the disease took my love from us on April 2. I was supposed to write… Read More

Keep Up The Fight

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, there is a time to freak out, do research and come up with a plan. You can keep hope with you at all times. As a person with a definitive answer on what is going on and what will most likely happen, there… Read More

Put Me In Coach

I love the game of basketball. I played all the way through my first two years of college. I watch it on TV. I shoot around with the kids. I coach Brad’s basketball team and have for several years. This season has been a rough one. We have 13 players… Read More

Lost Chatter

It has been almost six months since Jim has slept in our bed. Six months of having the bed all to myself. I still sleep on my side of the bed. I still stop myself from stretching across that invisible line that all couples have. One night I had some… Read More