Caregiver Package

During each live chat, five attendees will be randomly selected to win a caregiver package including Caring Cards, Stages of Senior Care by Paul and Lori Hogan, Strength for the Moment by Lori Hogan and a life journal. Terms & Conditions Read More

Should Mom Stop Visiting Me If It Causes Her to Have Behavioral Symptoms?

My mother, who lives three hours away, loves to visit me for a couple weeks. My sister, who lives next door to my mother and is her caregiver, says that when mom gets back home, she has behavior problems. Mom’s doctor has suggested that it might not be a good… Read More

What Can I Do If Alzheimer’s Services Aren’t Available in My Area?

No group in my area offers home care for Alzheimer’s patients. Whom do I call when my husband gets bad enough to need 24-hour care, help with toileting and feeding, or assistance when I need to be out of the home on errands, paying bills, etc.? Read More

Alzheimer’s Runs in My Family – What Can I Do?

My father had Alzheimer’s, as did three of his four siblings and many of his eleven aunts and uncles. His own father died of injuries from a car wreck or we suspect he also would have suffered Alzheimer’s. As you can guess, my cousins and I are concerned about what may… Read More

Do Alzheimer’s Patients Benefit More From Home Care or Residential Care?

My 85-year-old mother has been bedridden with Alzheimer’s for three years, looked after by caregivers with support from my sister and me. She mostly sleeps and looks out the window. How long might this phase last? And, in your own opinion, do you believe Alzheimer’s patients benefit more from staying… Read More

Should I ask hospice to help take care of my mother-in-law with dementia?

For three years I’ve been overseeing my mother-in-law’s care. After living in one Assisted Living facility, she broke her hip and had to move to a memory care facility. Meanwhile, my husband and I moved farther away from her. Since her move and broken hip, she has gone from walking,… Read More

What should I do when a loved one with dementia is having a panic attack?

When a person with dementia is having a panic attack, what should you do? Ask what he is afraid of or reassure him that everything is okay? He will be 88 years old this year. Trying to explain away fears in the middle of a panic attack – when your… Read More

Where can I get dementia support to help keep my family members safe?

My husband has dementia, my dad has Alzheimer’s, and my Mom has not been diagnosed but has clear signs. I work all day and spend time with my parents. How can I feel that my husband and my mother are safe at home? Read More

Can Korsakoff’s syndrome be misdiagnosed as frontotemporal dementia?

A loved one was diagnosed a year ago with frontotemporal dementia. However, he was abusing alcohol at the time, and after a year without alcohol, he seems to have recovered most of his original personality. Could he have been misdiagnosed? Is an alcohol-induced dementia permanent and does it resemble frontotemporal… Read More

Can Grandma handle owning a dog?

My grandmother lost her dog two years ago. She has wanted a new pet ever since, but my mom thinks it’s too much trouble. What do you think? I’m a big believer in the magic of animals and pets. They bring so much love into our lives! However, in your… Read More