How can I make time for my own health?

I used to go to yoga five times a week. Now my mom pleads with me to stay home. She doesn’t want to be alone and she worries about me when I’m gone. I know she can manage just fine for a couple of hours. How can I make time… Read More

How should I deal with my father’s clutter and unpaid bills?

Question: My father’s desk is cluttered with post-it notes, scraps of paper, bills and financial statements. They aren’t being filed and I’m not sure they are being paid. What should I do? You don’t mention whether your dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. If he has… Read More

Should I set up a health care power of attorney document for my parent with dementia?

Question: My wife and I set up powers of attorney for health care several years ago and have never used them. My mother claims to have one, but we can’t find it. She was only recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and doesn’t like talking about a future she isn’t in charge… Read More

How should I approach having my parent screened for early Alzheimer’s?

Question: For years my Dad and mother have had a ritual of an evening “happy hour.” Dad always makes mom a martini, but lately he is making mistakes. He puts in tonic water. He gets the proportions wrong. My mom makes a face and asks, “What did you put in… Read More

My parents both have dementia. How do I stay compassionate with them?

Question: David, you have written about the importance of staying calm and being compassionate when it comes to dementia care, but you haven’t met my mom and dad! When I’m with them, it’s hard not to be irritable. I’m just MAD that my parents aren’t the same competent people my… Read More

Are pets a good idea for people with Alzheimer’s?

I’m thinking about getting a small pet for my Mom and Dad. Mom is the primary caregiver for my Dad with Alzheimer’s disease and I think a friendly and loving animal might boost their spirits. What do you think? Read More

Do you have any evening activity ideas for someone with dementia? I’m running out!

By the end of the day, I’ve often run out of ideas of things to do with Mom. Do you have any ideas for a successful evening activity that isn’t too much work? Read More

My Dad has Alzheimer’s and constantly repeats himself—how can I keep from losing my patience?

My dad with Alzheimer’s constantly repeats himself. When he asks when his next doctor appointment is over and over again, I lose patience. Do you have any ideas to address this? Read More

Introducing David Troxel

I’m often asked how I got into the work I do: “How did you start your career in Alzheimer’s disease care?” or “Did you have a family member with dementia?” Read More

Introducing Your Questions Answered

David Troxel answers your questions about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias with a combination of evidence-based practices and his own point of view. Read More