Jim’s clothes are still hanging where he left them. I have gone through most at some point to bring them to him while he was living in the home, but all of his dress shirts, work clothes, suits…they’re collecting dust.

We have shelves to collect shoes on the landing of our stairway. There are still two pairs waiting for Jim’s feet to walk them out the door. His toiletry case is still on top of the cabinetry in the bathroom. His reading glasses are in the passenger door of the van.

Jim hasn’t lived at home in over a year. He has been gone from this earth for five months. Yet I still haven’t thrown out a single item. Have barely moved anything from its original location. There was an opened water bottle in the fridge that was his. Has the letter “J” written in sharpie on the cap. I have gone so far as to move it to the kitchen counter.

My world has been a whirlwind yet it is at a standstill.

I know there is no timeline. I know eventually, when the time is right I will gather the energy, the desire and the clarity to either pack up, remove or use the things that were once part of our happy family of four. Eventually. Not now.

Now I am just working on getting the kids back to school with whatever is on their respective lists. Now I am just trying to make sure we have food in the fridge. Now I am working on not taking a four hour nap each day. Now I am working on…just living. Just waking up and getting through what is essential for that day and doing it again the next day.

There is joy from the kids. They are my saving grace. They are my connection to Jim, to the world, to me. There is joy from my parents. They have never wavered from their support or their continued assistance with whatever it is I can’t do alone. There is joy from the friends who still call, write or occasionally stop by. But through all the joy, through the smiles and the stories and the laughter I still feel completely empty inside. There is a part of me that is gone and although I am not always consciously aware of why, something just doesn’t seem right or seems amiss, no matter what I am doing or who I am with.

Sometimes I look at old photos and it makes me long for Jim. The OLD Jim. The one who was just so handsome, so smart, so handy. Sometimes I look at videos or pictures from more recent times with him and I know, even though I don’t want to, that it was time for him to leave us. Even though I would give anything to hug him and sit with him again, I do not wish him the life he was living for the past year. Or two years really. Even though he knew us, was happy and well taken care of, the comparison of who he once was and who he became is stark. In my heart I am confident he was relieved to be done with this disease but I also know in that same place deep inside of me he never wanted to leave me or his children.

So, his winter coat will hang in the coat closet next to mine for the foreseeable future, and it will be a nice reminder that he was here. And he still is.

7 thoughts on “Still Here

  • Deb

    My Mom passed on 8/3/16 from Alzheimer’s, and Dad and I are dealing with the same as you. I know we need to go through her things, but just not now. Still pangs of loss for her, and like you we’ll be able to do it…when the time is right. God bless you and your kids.

  • Patricia

    Still following your journey Karen. Please keep updating! Hugs & Prayers to you & the kids!

  • Sandy

    Even though Jim is no longer suffering from this horrible disease you continue to feel the effects of it and the loss. Sometimes we hang onto personal items to keep loved ones close but it’s the memories we will carry with us that keeps them closer. I am hoping you continue to find moments of peace and comfort.

  • Jill

    Karen, We didn’t empty closet until both my parents. I wish I had done donation almost everything. Have the favorite shirts Jim wore and maybe his rob made into a blanket.

    Our daughter did this with her husbands t-shirt collection because they no longer wore them. She had a very nice blanket made as a surprise last Christmas.

    Be well.


  • Christy T

    Sending you love and hugs!

  • Denise

    Your blog and your words are so powerful. I know it must be helpful for you but the help it gives to families dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease is immeasurable. I know you have family and friends for support but I wanted you to know about this wonderful support group sponsored by Bon Secours. I worked there for 8 plus years and volunteered my time to Kidz and Grief. It’s a wonderful organization for children who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. While the kids meet, the parents also have groups to talk. Call director, Beth 737-2287 for info.

  • [email protected]

    July 1, 2016, I put my husband in a Memory Care facility, two months after his 65th birthday. He was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s October 2010. He was doing so well until April 2014… I took him out to dinner on September 4th, 2016; we held hands and had so much fun talking (he couldn’t complete a sentence or thought), but I knew his heart. He surprised me and apologized to me for having the disease that was destroying both of our lives. Today three weeks later…I still visit him two to three times a day…he can no longer carry-on a conversation….

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