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This month, Home Instead’s Lakelyn Hogan, Gerontologist and Caregiver Advocate, and Molly Carpenter, author of Confidence to Care, join forces to answer your questions about dementia, caring for a loved one, and self-care.

This is your chance to get expert advice on anything from bathing tips to caregiver support. Some topics covered include:

  • Tips for alleviating dementia-related behavioral symptoms such as agitation or delusions
  • Avoiding caregiver burnout
  • Managing family dynamics
  • Safety concerns
  • Identifying symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia

About the expert

Molly Carpenter
Molly Carpenter is the author of Confidence to Care: A Resource for Family Caregivers Providing Alzheimer's Disease or Other Dementias Care at Home, as well as a speaker, a trainer and a family caregiver. In her current role, she works with a team responsible for ensuring that the Home Instead Senior Care® network’s 60,000 caregivers worldwide have the resources necessary to effectively provide quality care in the home and understand the importance of their work enhancing the lives of those they serve.

2 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Live Chat – Ask Us Anything!

  • Carlynn Gardner

    Good afternoon,

    My dad is 82 and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s back in Sept. 2018. He no longer drives….truck, tractor, gator, or lawnmower. He accepted this quite well. He lives about 1/2 mile from my sister and I in a small rural town. He is still functioning pretty well and living alone at the moment. We provide all his meals and snacks. Family members administer his morning and night meds. He can give his own insulin shot each evening while one of us is present. Our main concern rght now is that he is in the bed at almost every waking moment when he’s at home. We take turns taking him to breakfast at his favorite cafe several times a week to get him out of the house. We visit with friends at the local country store also. These outings are never more than 2 hrs. or so and then he’s back home.

    He was a farmer/rancher all of his life so he didn’t have many hobbies except work. He never played cards, games, did puzzles, etc. He used to read but doesn’t want to do that anymore. He says he doesn’t have enough attention for that. He isn’t incontinent, his blood sugar and BP stay normal. What can we do to help keep him more active? He has no trouble walking at all. He complains of his hip hurting and I think it’s because he is sitting/lying down too much. At this time, there is no home health care or physical therapy being given. His dr. sees no need for this. We see his dr. on January 17. We greatly appreciate your advice. 🙂

  • Wayne

    We recently have had issues where my mother-in-law goes into a rant about anything and everything she can find to get a response she demands, typically about her leaving and moving into her own house by herself which is impossible. It is either be with us or a nursing home and the family is against a nursing home.

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