Live chat with expert: Geri and Jim Taylor

Live chat with experts: Geri and Jim Taylor

Geri Taylor is living with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. She and Jim Taylor, her husband and care partner, will be joining our host Lakelyn Hogan of Home Instead for our next Live Chat. The couple was featured in The New York Times, “Fraying at the Edges,” and they are active advocates within the Alzheimer’s community. Geri and Jim will share their story along with practical tips for living with Alzheimer’s, strategies for remaining independent, and how they continue to pursue their passions and make a difference.

About the expert

Geri and Jim Taylor
Geri Taylor, a retired health care executive, is living with the early stages of Alzheimer’s with her husband and care partner, Jim. Experts-by-experience, they are raising awareness about the disease by telling their story nationally. The couple was featured in The New York Times, “Fraying at the Edges,” and they continue to share their experience through speaking engagements and advocacy efforts with UsAgainstAlzheimer’s.

3 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Live Chat – Living With Hope

  • Carol Graziano

    Thank you for recording this. I could not tune in yesterday but this was helpful.

  • Lee Holowach

    So helpful! My mother hasn’t officially been diagnosed yet, with her thoughts being “why find out?” As her daughter, I don’t agree with this thinking. I want to be proactive and maybe participate in a trial.

  • Val Priest

    I find it hard to take my husband out where there are other people, other than family are, because I never know what he will say….. he will say things that aren’t true and things that may have a little truth but described with things that can be vulgar or embarressing that otherwise he would not say. He has dementia/alzheimer’s.

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