Live chat with expert: David Troxel

Join David Troxel, an expert in Alzheimer’s disease and memory care, and your host Lakelyn Hogan of Home Instead as we talk about caring for your loved one living with Alzheimer’s or dementia over the holiday season. Some topics this chat covered include:
• Purposeful and engaging holiday activities
• Addressing stress and strain that can arise during this season
• Navigating family issues and concerns
• Resources that can help

About the expert

David Troxel
David Troxel is an internationally known expert in Alzheimer’s disease and memory care. He has worked for over 25 years in the Alzheimer’s care field developing and teaching care techniques as a consultant, writer and speaker. He co-authored the book The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s Care, along with many other influential books and resources relating to Alzheimer’s care and training. Learn more about his work at

2 thoughts on “Caregiving for the Holidays

  • Betty Margarget Anderson

    I found this very helpful but also difficult. This is the first Christmas my friend will be in a long term care home. We have spent Christmas together for the last 46 years so it will be different. Thanks for your suggestions and advice.

  • Richard

    I could never afford long term care for my wife. I cared for her at home. I traveled into her past with her as that was her life. Short term memory gone only knew her past. At 86 she was living her 20’s when she died. ?

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