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As the world adjusts to creating new routines in a time of social distancing, family caregivers are faced with new challenges that may include working from home while providing care and finding ways to stay connected with friends and families. Join David Troxel, an internationally known expert in Alzheimer’s disease and memory care and author of The Best Friend’s Approach to Alzheimer’s Care, and gerontologist and caregiver advocate Lakelyn Hogan to learn:

  • Ways to connect with loved ones via technology
  • Activities caregivers can do with a loved one while being 6 feet apart
  • Finding time to practice self-care
  • Tips for staying positive during challenging times
  • Stress management techniques

We will take live questions during the chat, or feel free to send them in ahead of time to [email protected].

About the expert

David Troxel
David Troxel is an internationally known expert in Alzheimer’s disease and memory care. He has worked for over 25 years in the Alzheimer’s care field developing and teaching care techniques as a consultant, writer and speaker. He co-authored the book The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s Care, along with many other influential books and resources relating to Alzheimer’s care and training. Learn more about his work at

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