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Individuals with dementia demonstrate presence every day, and they ask us to enter their world and connect with them. For caregivers, being present by providing undivided attention, to a spouse or partner, children, friends, coworkers can be challenging especially while caring for a loved one with dementia. But, true presence provides life’s greatest reward: a sense of love and belonging.

Join gerontologist and caregiver advocate Lakelyn Hogan and Miekka Zanders, care provider and author of Being with Dementia, for stories that illustrate the power of presence when caring for individuals with dementia and suggestions, tips and insights to incorporate more presence into daily activities. To learn more about the book, check visit:

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Miekka Zanders
Miekka Zanders is a social worker and nursing home administrator, with a special interest in dementia care and quality of life. Over the past 10 years, Miekka has worked with residents, team members and families in multiple long-term care communities to improve understanding and communication for those with dementia. Miekka is the author of Being with Dementia, a book of stories that illustrate the power of presence when caring for individuals with dementia. She has presented at the Nebraska Health Care Association conference and American Health Care Association national conference, as well as the Wyoming State Games.

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  • Ana Rodriguez

    Thank you this was a helpful reminder. We forget these things in the middle of the day to day challenge s.

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