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It can be easy for family caregiving duties to become all that a caregiver has time for, making caregiving feel all-consuming. Little by little, caregivers may feel their own identity slipping away. This month Jacquelyn Revere, who cares for her mother living with Alzheimer’s disease, will talk with Dr. Lakelyn Hogan, Home Instead’s Gerontologist and Caregiver Advocate, about these struggles. The two will candidly discuss how the caregiving journey can shape a family caregiver’s “new normal” and why it’s so important to not lose your own identity and passions along the way.

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  • What it means to be a caregiver
  • The challenges of being a younger caregiver
  • How to balance caregiving and personal needs
  • Ways to maintain your own identity

About the expert

Jacquelyn Revere
Jacquelyn Revere became the sole caregiver for her mother, Lynn and grandmother, Joyce in 2016 after a faulty furnace leaked carbon monoxide into her family home, causing both to develop Alzheimer’s disease. She began documenting her caregiving journey on YouTube, and then expanded her reach to TikTok, Facebook and Instagram under the handle @MomOfMyMom. She has since been praised by Teepa Snow for her devotion to implementing fun and creating joy around the task of caregiving. Their TikTok has now gone viral many times, amassing over 600,000 followers and receiving over 70 million views. With her social platform she hopes to bring to light the challenges caregivers face. And, as a TV writer Jacquelyn hopes to bring these relatable stories to screens around the world.

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  • Faldelah toefy

    My husband has lewy body Dimentia. I am so sad when he told my son he need to leave home and go find his other wife the woman he love. He actually ask a friend to take him to a certain place where he was so confuse he didn’t know where she lived. it took him driving around foe 30 minutes and he cudnt say the woman’s name. Does it mean he doesn’t know me anymore. Pls help

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