Live chat with expert: Michael Ellenbogen

Join expert Michael Ellenbogen and host Lakelyn Hogan as they talk about what it’s like to live with Alzheimer’s disease. Michael was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 49. He is 100 percent open about his condition and is passionate about sharing his experience with others.

About the expert

Michael Ellenbogen
Michael Ellenbogen is a world-renowned advocate for individuals with dementia and speaks openly about his own 20+ year dementia diagnosis journey. Prior to his diagnosis, Michael was a network operations manager for a Fortune 500 financial institution. At the age of 39, he was told that his cognitive issues were due to stress. At the age of 49, he was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer's disease. Michael became involved in numerous local, national and international organizations, lending his voice and experience to help advance Alzheimer’s research and advocate for support. He was featured in the Alzheimer's Disease International's 2012 World Alzheimer's Report and has represented people living with dementia at the World Health Organization. He also wrote a book about his journey titled “From the Corner Office to Alzheimer’s.” At the age of 59, Michael received a new diagnostic test that delivered shocking results: he did not, in fact, have Alzheimer’s disease. Instead, neurologists have placed his form of dementia into a fairly new category called suspected non-Alzheimer’s pathophysiology (SNAP). He continues to share his story and has become a champion for improving diagnosis processes.