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After receiving an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, it can be challenging for some individuals to move away from denial to living a life filled with hope. Learning how to process the emotions and challenges that accompany dementia can help those living with the disease, caregivers, and family members navigate the disease more positively.

Join gerontologist and caregiver advocate Lakelyn Hogan and advocate, artist and author Cynthia Huling Hummel as Cynthia shares her personal experience of what it’s like to live with Alzheimer’s. She will share how she expresses her emotions and struggles through art and her book, “UnMasking Alzheimer’s.”

About the expert

Cynthia Huling Hummel
Artist, author and fierce Alzheimer’s advocate, Rev. Dr. Cynthia Huling Hummel has become a voice for those living with the disease. Her own experiences living with Alzheimer’s and passion for research guided her to serve as a National Early-Stage Advisor for the Alzheimer’s Association and will be entering her tenth year in ADNI the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuro-Imaging Initiative, a long-term observational clinical study. Cynthia has presented at two NIH Research Summits and is currently serving on a panel for the National Academy of Sciences Alzheimer's Decadal Study and a member of the NIH/NIA work group on Biomarkers & Genetics, and serving on Dementia Nomenclature Steering Committee. She recently completed a two-year term on the National Council on Alzheimer’s Research, Care and Services representing the 5.8 million Americans living with Alzheimer's and related dementias. Cynthia’s book "UnMasking Alzheimer’s," describes her perspective on living with Alzheimer’s through 36 masks she’s created. The book provides an opportunity for people to discuss the changes and challenges that come with a dementia diagnosis. Additionally, she’s a member of Faith United Against Alzheimer’s and wrote several chapters for Dementia-Friendly Worship: A Multifaith Handbook for Chaplains, Clergy and Faith Communities.

2 thoughts on “Moving from ‘Why me?’ to ‘What’s next?’

  • charles otachi

    How I wish Iam one of the winning team at Alzheimers families

  • charles otachi

    I am a Kenyan citizen and wish to join Alzheimer’s families this is because I need to learn few methods of caring for the old men and women like Alzheimer’s home.
    In my home area mostly when the aged Men and Women find they are left at home by their own children who has a attained working class and have no time for them any more I take the opportunity to care them for the glory of God and I surely sympathies with them.

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