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Molly will share best practices to help minimize symptoms associated with dementia, such as repetition, agitation, delusions or social withdrawal. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from other caregivers’ situations or send in a question and receive tips for your unique situation.

About the expert

Molly Carpenter
Molly Carpenter is the author of Confidence to Care: A Resource for Family Caregivers Providing Alzheimer's Disease or Other Dementias Care at Home, as well as a speaker, a trainer and a family caregiver. In her current role, she works with a team responsible for ensuring that the Home Instead Senior Care® network’s 60,000 caregivers worldwide have the resources necessary to effectively provide quality care in the home and understand the importance of their work enhancing the lives of those they serve.

2 thoughts on “Practical Dementia Care Techniques

  • Betty Campbell

    I am so very happy to find some info on Alzheimers.It will certainly be enlightning to me. The worst I find is “Being Labeled” therefore only my family knows. We do attend meetings in Charlottetown,P.E.I. under the management of Corrine Eldershaw, who is very caring& an excellent listner.

  • Gladys Greenslade

    Hi my Husband has Dementia he is in a home he doesn’t know me or my children when we go to see him he can’t call anything by name he has been in the nurseing home two years he has had cancer he is all crippled up with rhumatide arthritis he gets angery with the nurses throws his tray with his meals on them across the floor he do get very angery

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