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Caregivers often play a vital role in managing their loved one’s medications. However, ensuring that all meds are taken properly and at the right time can be overwhelming. As the number of prescription medications a person takes increases, challenges with medication management and potential health risks also rise. Developing a medication management system or routine that works for the caregiver and the care recipient is critical. Dr. Lakelyn Hogan, Gerontologist and Caregiver Advocate for Home Instead® will talk with Pharmacist Kyle Decker of Simple Meds® and share tips for improving medication management.

Caregivers can learn:

  • Potential risks of medication mismanagement
  • How strengthening the role of family members can reduce the potential for medication risks
  • Tips and resources to feel confident when managing medication


About the expert

Kyle Decker
Kyle Decker, PharmD is the Vice President of Pharmacy at Simple Meds®. Kyle received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Butler University. He is Six Sigma certified and has developed concepts into operational processes to provide a safer way for patients to self-administer medications. Throughout his career, he has been at the forefront of driving medication adherence, medication synchronization, customized patient packaging, proactive refills processes, and other tools that empower patients with multiple disease states and complex profiles. Kyle is a member of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, National Community Pharmacists Association, and Indiana Pharmacist Alliance.

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