Live chat with expert: Lakelyn Hogan and April Ibarra

Live Chat with expert: Lakelyn Hogan and April Ibarra

Caregiving is not something that most people plan for. Unfortunately, families are often thrown into the role as a result of a crisis but there is much families can do to proactively prepare to care. Talking with aging loved ones and helping them create a plan for how they want to live out their later stages of life, provides older adults with more control and freedom. It also can help to ensure that their wishes are communicated, so when they need more help, family and friends will know what is important to them, and why.

Join Home Instead Gerontologists Lakelyn Hogan, Ph.D. and April Ibarra as they discuss what caregivers should be planning for, including:

  • Key conversations to have with aging loved ones on health, safety, independence, finances and end of life wishes
  • What to expect as older adults progress from independence to needing more support
  • The options for care and professional support
  • Communication tips to engage in these important conversations

About the expert

Lakelyn Hogan and April Ibarra
Lakelyn Hogan, Ph.D. is Gerontologist and Caregiver Advocate at the global headquarters of Home Instead®. Lakelyn works to educate professionals in aging, families and communities on the unique challenges older adults face and the resources available to help them thrive. April Ibarra, MGS is a Gerontologist and Strategic Partnerships Manager for Home Instead with over 25 years’ experience in health care and aging. April is passionate about improving the lives of older adults through advocating, educating, and providing resources to help them live their highest quality, most independent life.

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