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We are never too young or old to play! Incorporating play activities into caregiving can be enjoyable for all involved. And for those with cognitive impairment and dementia, these activities can also be a great way to build connections. Join this #CaregiverChat as Dr. Lakelyn Eichenberger, gerontologist and caregiving advocate for Home Instead, chats with Loretta Veney about best practices for including activities that will engage and delight. Loretta shows a variety of activities that are easy to purchase or make that won’t break the budget.

Participants in the chat will learn:

  • How play can help build connections
  • Ways to incorporate play into caregiving
  • Low cost options for activities

About the expert

Loretta Woodward Veney
Loretta Woodward Veney is an author, inspirational speaker and trainer who has delivered more than 300 speeches and presentations on dementia and caregiving since 2014 and offers a wealth of information, encouragement and humor to her audiences. Loretta is author of Being My Mom’s Mom (2nd edition 2019) , Colors Flowing from My Mind (2019) and Refreshment for the Caregiver’s Spirit (2nd edition 2020), Loretta and her Mom have been featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, The Washington Post, The NY Times, AARP Caregiver Stories, as well as a PBS special entitled Alzheimer’s the Caregiver’s Perspective. In 2019, Loretta was selected as Trailblazer of the Year by Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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