What caregiving worries or uncertainties keep you up at night? What situations do you feel unsure of how to handle? What have you encountered as a caregiver that leaves you wondering, “Is this normal?”

Here you’ll find caregiver-submitted questions answered by our experts. You may be surprised how many others share your same challenges!

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My sister-in-law is living with dementia. How can I fill in the gaps in our conversation?

Two women friends

I did really enjoy my recent visit with my sister-in-law…she seemed more content and responsive. There were some crying moments but they didn’t last long. I comforted her as best I could. I wish I knew more about how to fill in the gaps in the conversation with her. What… Read More

Mom denies she has problems with her memory. What can I do?

Woman at doctor office

My mom is so healthy she doesn’t understand there is a problem with her memory. “My memory has always been bad, I just need to pay attention instead of daydreaming,” is her response to her problem. What can I do? -Johnna If you want to get her to the doctor… Read More

How do I move my 93-year-old mom to a new bedroom?

Lady in Chair

How do I move my 93-year-old mother with Alzheimer’s from a bedroom she has had for 45 years to another area of the house that is safer for her and more convenient for my brother and his family? This is being done in order to keep her home as long… Read More

What prompts rare lucid moments?

A woman laughs with her mother

What prompts rare lucid moments? I wish I knew more about what prompts the rare lucid moments, and a way to make them last longer. -Laurie The brain controls all functions of our bodies, including being able to communicate and understand what is happening around us. As dementia tangles and… Read More

How do I care for my husband when he wakes up frequently at night? 

Husband wife holding hands on couch

I care for my husband at home. Third year now, stage 2 Alzheimer’s. My big question is, how do I care for my husband when he wakes up frequently at night? Sometimes it’s for quite a long time. Can anyone else weigh in on this? -Jenny It is so important as a caregiver… Read More

Is it normal for a person with dementia to close her eyes all day?

Is it normal for a person with dementia to close her eyes the whole day while being fed, exercised and laid down to bed? At other times, the person with dementia is wide awake while being fed, walking, listening to stories of the paid caregiver. Is this a cycle with… Read More

How do I survive this chapter of my life?

My mom is 80 years old. She has early stages of dementia. My dad is 79 years old. I live with them at home. I suffer from brittle type 1 diabetes since age 12. I also have kidney failure and am on dialysis treatment three days a week for 4… Read More

Which public restroom should I use when I have to help my husband?

I am a caretaker for my husband with dementia. He is 87 years of age, blind and has trouble walking. When he needs to go potty and we are in public, how do I take him to potty. In the women rest room or what? This really bothers me but… Read More

Friends think my Mom is doing better than she really is. What do I say?

My mother has dementia and presently has been staying with me for a couple of weeks. One thing I find very frustrating is when people call her or drop in to see her, she seems very well & lucid (which is good) and can carry on a great conversation for… Read More

Mom says she doesn’t like her aide, but I’m burning out. Now what?

What do I do when my mother says she does not like the aide because she is rude to her and treats her like a child. Do other people have a hard time finding a good aide? My mom needs 24/7 care and I am burning out. – Susie Susie,… Read More