What caregiving worries or uncertainties keep you up at night? What situations do you feel unsure of how to handle? What have you encountered as a caregiver that leaves you wondering, “Is this normal?”

Here you’ll find caregiver-submitted questions answered by our experts. You may be surprised how many others share your same challenges!

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How do you break through a family’s denial about this disease?

How do you break through a family’s denial about this disease? -Jean The world is made up with people of all types of backgrounds and personalities. Some like to confront hard things and push through, even if reality hurts. Some like to live in denial and it makes life easier… Read More

How do we deal with care facility staff who do not understand dementia?

How do we deal with care facility staff who do not seem to understand the illness? My father is in a facility, where the staff do not seem to understand that he can not remember how to tell time, or remember to go to meals, and that he needs help… Read More

How do I answer my mom when she asks to see her deceased parents?

How do I answer my mother when she constantly asks to see her parents who are deceased? -Kris This is a most difficult dilemma and so common. As dementia progresses in our brains, our short term memory is blocked and eventually our long term memories as well. Your Mom is… Read More

Mom accuses people of not giving her food. What should we do?

My sister lives with our 92 year old mother who is showing signs of Alzheimer’s. My mom is very upset, mad, forgetful and accusing people of stealing money or not giving her food. What advice do you have? -Jenny It is all too common for people with dementia to become… Read More

My husband’s changing…how do I cope and stay strong?

I am not new to this. We have been dealing with loads of issues with my husband’s vascular dementia. At this point in my husband’s life, I can’t seem to get him to go anywhere. He always wants to just stay home. He gets angry over everything. Like I said,… Read More

Could I have PTSD after caregiving?

After a 6 year journey taking care of my parents, settling all of their paperwork, and selling their house, I feel like I have PTSD. Can that happen? -Lori Yes! Unfortunately, this goes undiagnosed for the vast majority of caregivers. I know I suffer from PTSD, although I haven’t been… Read More

My sister-in-law is living with dementia. How can I fill in the gaps in our conversation?

Two women friends

I did really enjoy my recent visit with my sister-in-law…she seemed more content and responsive. There were some crying moments but they didn’t last long. I comforted her as best I could. I wish I knew more about how to fill in the gaps in the conversation with her. What… Read More

Mom denies she has problems with her memory. What can I do?

Woman at doctor office

My mom is so healthy she doesn’t understand there is a problem with her memory. “My memory has always been bad, I just need to pay attention instead of daydreaming,” is her response to her problem. What can I do? -Johnna If you want to get her to the doctor… Read More

How do I move my 93-year-old mom to a new bedroom?

Lady in Chair

How do I move my 93-year-old mother with Alzheimer’s from a bedroom she has had for 45 years to another area of the house that is safer for her and more convenient for my brother and his family? This is being done in order to keep her home as long… Read More

What prompts rare lucid moments?

A woman laughs with her mother

What prompts rare lucid moments? I wish I knew more about what prompts the rare lucid moments, and a way to make them last longer. -Laurie The brain controls all functions of our bodies, including being able to communicate and understand what is happening around us. As dementia tangles and… Read More