When we go to visit mom, there’s a lady that tries to hurt us. It is hard not to defend yourself, and there’s not always an aide around. Suggestions?

This can be dangerous and needs to be addressed right away with the facility manager. If you do not get a satisfactory response, you need to let them know you will be contacting state officials. If the facility is owned by a corporation (most are) you can call their headquarters and file a complaint. That should get their attention. There should be an aide around if there is a resident who is harming others or herself. Make sure you document when instances have happened and what took place. Also make note of who you spoke with and what was discussed. Sometimes we all have to step up to make sure our loved ones are safe and sometimes that means making sure the other residents are safe as well. If nothing changes, you may need to contact the state and have an inspection at the facility done so that more aides are hired to care for the residents. 

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