How do you break through a family’s denial about this disease?

The world is made up with people of all types of backgrounds and personalities. Some like to confront hard things and push through, even if reality hurts. Some like to live in denial and it makes life easier at the moment and that is what helps them get through the day. It is not easily possible to change a personality, especially if someone is wired that way and have lived into adulthood handling various life events in this manner. While it might make it a little frustrating and lonely for you to handle the reality by yourself, there is little you can do to get them to suddenly admit what is happening in your family dynamic. Sometimes you can have them take care of the loved one for an extended period of time so they can see firsthand the changes that have taken place. Sometimes you can have a close family friend or physician explain to them what is happening. There are books, such as “The Dangers of Denial” by Elizabeth Lonseth and “Mom’s Ok, She Just Forgets” by Evelyn D. Mclay to read. Perhaps they or others will help as well with the denial. Good luck and hopefully they will eventually come around.

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