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I care for my husband at home. Third year now, stage 2 Alzheimer’s. My big question is, how do I care for my husband when he wakes up frequently at night? Sometimes it’s for quite a long time. Can anyone else weigh in on this?

It is so important as a caregiver to take care of yourself first. If you are not rested or getting run down, you will not be able to care for your husband. If he is waking up during the night, it will cause you to worry about him wandering out of the house, falling, or becoming confused and disoriented. If you are not yet worried about these issues and you feel comfortable letting him get up by himself, let him. If you are worried at all, you may want to look into having someone come to your home and help keep an eye on him while you rest. I would also speak to his physician about his sleep patterns. Even though this is very common for dementia patients, it doesn’t make it easy to live through. His doctor may recommend something to help him rest or even something as simple as melatonin. Every family deals with situations that arise differently, so hopefully some of our readers will have a suggestion that you can relate to and will hopefully help!

9 thoughts on “How do I care for my husband when he wakes up frequently at night? 

  • Margie Tellkamp

    Get medication from your doctor. Period. My husband was getting up More than 22 times a night. Some nights I get maybe a half hour sleep until we found the right medication. That saved my life.

  • Mickey Conrad

    When I moved in to care for my mother 7 years ago she too got up a lot at night. I stopped all caffeine intake. We added melatonin for sleep. Daily walks (exercise) seemed to help.

  • jody

    heres a comment try getting help the government sponsder people come in 1 hour a day to help my ninety five year uncle, she doesn’t sleep so hes up all night, every two weeks a doctor comes in for 20 mins. I’m disgusted in the help elderly people with alzehiemer are treated, more help and a better understanding

  • Norma Howard

    My husband wakes up, but I do not wake up unless he wakes me up to ask for help. He doesn’t appear to want to wander yet, but I lock up & set the burglar alarm to go off as soon as a door is opened. I feel secure doing this. I don’t nap during the day so no problem.

  • Linda Bode

    I secured my house from inside so that he could not get out- that was goal always – escape – left lights on so he could see – left the TV music channel on – he usually wanders the house for bit rhen settled in his chair & would fall back to sleep .

  • cheryl Olds

    Problem is, w/this approach you get the patient soiling themselves more frequently which leads to a stressful morning.

  • Barbara Wesner

    My husband wanders at night and found himself outside the front door one night. Did not realize he could just open the door and come back in or ring the doorbell. Instead he pounded on the door until I woke up. My solution immediately was a security system.

  • sue bragdon

    make another bedroom for yourself.

  • Rory

    Hello, I can totally relate to your situation . What about a bed alarm you could check with a medical supply company. I know it would wake up as well but at least you would know he is up . Just a thought

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