How do we deal with care facility staff who do not seem to understand the illness? My father is in a facility, where the staff do not seem to understand that he can not remember how to tell time, or remember to go to meals, and that he needs help to do so.

This is very bothersome. Is your father in a memory care unit or an assisted living facility? If so, they definitely should know how to care for and be aware of his abilities. Is he in an adult community?

They should still be able to handle someone with mild cognitive impairment. I would start with speaking with a manager and if that doesn’t satisfy you, move up the chain to the facility director and then the corporate office. You can also let the state know this facility doesn’t have employees trained to handle their residents. First you must make sure the type of facility he is living in should have trained professionals. There are many variances state to state on requirements. Worse case scenario you may need to look for a new home for your father. It is important for those who are taking care of him and surrounding him have the patience and understanding to help him along the way. If he is in a home for elder adults but assistance is not part of the plan, you may need to consider moving him into something a little more hands on.

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  • Alicia Reid

    I would tell them to get educated. Get certification. Thats why I BECAME AN EDUCATOR. Working as a dementia specialist I seen many walk away from their jobs and many clients wandering and dying.

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