My husband is in advanced stage of AZ. Any tips how to get his false teeth out to clean & soak?

Dental care doesn’t get talked about enough in dementia care. It can be struggle to get teeth brushed or to manage care of dentures.

First, I’d check that his dentures properly fit and that he isn’t having any pain or sores. If he associates the dentures with pain it will add to your difficulties.

Set up a routine—get the dentures out at a certain time of day, perhaps after you’ve had a dessert or played a favorite song to help him relax.

Your husband may not understand verbal requests any more. Be sure to slow down, make eye contact, gesture with your hands what you want him to do, and repeat your request.

I’ve had some family members who actually have taken a picture of the dentures and show the family member what you are trying to do.

It’s never good to engage in a wrestling match to get them out. Hopefully these ideas will help.

3 thoughts on “How can I get my husband’s false teeth out to clean them?

  • emilia

    hi my mom was diagnose with dementhia and she doesn’t want to put her false teeth is this part of her condition ?

  • Glenda

    Caring for an person will Alzheimers you have to keep a routine and don’t change it .Always try and do it the same time of day. I know bathing my mother in law if I changed one little thing she was confused. Start a routine early into the disease. Most times you will hit the comfort zone. Don’t argue with them. Touch and give lots of hugs.

  • sandrakthacker

    If they have dentures-put on a rubber glove,wet fore finger and thumb-pull down and out. An aid shoued me and is so much easier.My Mom always let me do this a couple times a day without a problem.Hope this helps.

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