The lady I take care of thinks she washes her hair but she does not. How can I get her to do that?

– Betsey

Without more background information, it is hard to give you specific guidelines. But some general suggestions are to make washing her hair more of a game. Or you could keep track of when you wash her hair on a calendar and show this to her. Depending on how much she can comprehend and understand will determine the degree you can try to rationalize and discuss her hygiene with her. You may have to resort to using a dry shampoo, available at most stores that carry shampoos.

There also could be other reasons she isn’t wanting to wash her hair: running water could now scare her, water temperatures could either be too hot or too cold, if she is taking a bath, the depth of the water could be intimidating, if shampoo has gotten in her eyes in the past it could have burned her eyes and she doesn’t want to go through that again.

If you are able to get her to wash her hair again, be aware of any comments she makes or small gestures that will let you know how she is feeling and if something is not feeling right to her.

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