How do we determine our loved one is ready for hospice care? All dementia patients are different and some die before the last stage.​

This is such an emotional hard and difficult time and I am sorry you are in this time and space. Making the call and decision to bring in hospice doesn’t have to be the 100-ton gorilla. Seek guidance and help. There are specific questions that can be answered by your physician and you should consult with them if you are thinking it is time to call in hospice. The hospice company you choose (and you can choose) will also do an evaluation. Typically, an Alzheimer’s patient can start with hospice care if they are in the 7th stage of the disease and have shown progressive decline over a recent period of time. It is important to keep in mind the conversations (if they were done) you had with your loved one before they were far enough along with the disease that they couldn’t discuss this rationally anymore. What were their wishes? Your physician can help guide you and answer specific questions you may have. I would also recommend asking others which hospice company they recommend. You can interview them and find the one that you are most comfortable with. Hospice can really bring in an element of care that is not available anywhere else and can relieve some of your burden of caregiving. I wish you much peace with your decision.

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