How do I get my husband to see a new Dr? I took him to see a Neurologist, he stayed in waiting room for 10 mins and refused to stay any longer, said this is not my Dr. I explained he was seeing this Dr. to help with his legs, as he falls a lot. But nothing and nobody could make him stay and he walked out.

I am sorry Carol for this most frustrating problem. His neurologist should be familiar with this type of behavior from a dementia patient. Make another appointment and explain to them what happened the last time. It may take several calls to get to the nurse up front versus a typical scheduler, depending on how large the practice is. Have a plan in place.

I am hoping the doctor’s office isn’t too far away so you can actually be in communication with them just before his appointment. Find out if he (or she) is running on time and let them know you are on your way so that they have his room waiting when you get there. Hopefully the doctor will be able to come right in.

Otherwise, you may have to hope that your husband will agree to try again and won’t be so impatient. Although you were only there 10 minutes, in his mind it may have seemed like and hour or even two. Is it possible with him to keep track of the time you are waiting on a piece of paper? Would that help? Is it possible to trick him into thinking it has been less time? I am not a huge proponent of trickery, but sometimes it is the best and only option. I would also communicate with his physician to find out if they have any suggestions or remedies. You never know…maybe they will do house calls!

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  • Laura Dougherty

    I have the same problem taking my husband to a doctor and I will liked to know how to find a doctor who do home visits. My problem seem to be bigger. Sometimes I can’t take him to the doctor or to any place.. In this moment I am very scare because he refused to go to the heart doctor. But his doctor doesn’t seem to worry. I’ll like too to take him to a specialist in Alzheimer, our doctor is a geriatric doctor and I thought that he was going to be perfect for my husband. Who will be right doctor to care for a person with Alzheimer?. Please help me. Thank you

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