My husband is wetting the bed. I’ve been looking after him for 4 years. What do I do?

This questions involves a number of tough areas including managing incontinence as well as coping with your own sense of loss along the journey.

A very specific suggestion is getting these new plastic mattress covers and pads that can prevent urine from soaking into the mattress. Many of the pads are well made and easily washed – they don’t feel like cheap plastic so preserve dignity.

Can he get up during the night? If so, be sure that the path to the bathroom isn’t cluttered and that it is well lit. Install a contrasting color toilet bowl lid so he can see the bowl instead of it being white on white.

One option that is tougher for many long time spouses or partners is getting two beds instead of one or even sleeping in different bedrooms. This loss of physical touch and intimacy can be tough but it’s important for you to get a good night’s sleep and not be worried about an accident happening in the middle of the night.

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