Is there any treatment for snoring with a very loud waling sound while exhaling? My mom needs someone near her when sleeping, but I cant sleep in a bed next to her with this sound. Any suggestions?

There are treatments, and you will have to visit your family doctor to get started. Chances are your Mom will need to participate in a sleep study to determine if she has sleep apnea or if there is something else going on. Other triggers can be sleep aids and alcohol, which cause the throat muscles to relax and in turn can cause loud snoring. It is also common for people to snore more as they age.

A sleep study and a visit with her physician should determine the cause of her snoring. There are many possibilities. It is important you get your sleep, so in the meantime, you may try some sort of white noise machine, especially if you can listen with headphones. This may not work if you are needing to be able to hear her should she wake up. Please consult with her physician and then if need be a sleep specialist.

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