My husband is 93, I am 87, and he is in good physical health with 10 yrs of the disease. What can I do when he acts out beyond my ability to control his anxiety and anger?


Etta, you are to be commended for taking care of your dear husband for so many years. There must have been many difficult and emotional times throughout the past ten years. As his condition changes and processes into the later stages you will need help. There isn’t much information to go on with your question, but it is very important for you to be safe.

If he is getting agitated and getting physically violent, you need to seek help immediately. Speak with his doctor and get someone to be at home to help you. If he is being verbally abusive, seek help for this as well. Having someone you love and who have cared for and known for many years can be emotionally just as damaging as being physically attacked. So, start with his physician and seek help. Also contact your local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and join a support group if you haven’t already. The Association should be able to give you some guidance specific to your situation. Good luck and please keep us posted. 

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  • Elaine mackenzie

    I would to be a care giver for these poor lost souls. I worked in health care for 24 years and saw different stages. If you could send me some information and what you need to help spouses it would be greatly appreciated Elaine

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