My husband started talking to himself in mirrors and reflections of himself in windows, etc. I’ve had to cover them up as much as possible because he was starting to get mad and even violent at one point! So now he thinks that there is someone here. I can’t convince him that he’s looking at himself! Even seeing himself in car windows or mirrors. I’m at my wits end with this.

I’ve heard of this situation over the years. Sometimes the person is amused and even has a friendly conversation with the person in the mirror. In your case, the mirrors are provoking alarm and concern.

It’s always helpful to step back and recognize that because of his dementia he truly doesn’t recognize himself in the mirror. His agitation is actually quite understandable; any of us would have similar feelings if we felt a strange image was looking out at us.

Your strategy to cover the mirrors is a good first line of defense.

You should also enter into his world and let him know that you believe he sees these things (even if you tell him you don’t) and will try to “get to the bottom of this mystery.” Often reassuring words will help him understand that you are working to get a solution and support his concerns.

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