My husband sees his reflection in a mirror or glass as a stranger who is stealing his shirts and following us! I’ve removed all mirrors at home, but he sees his reflection in public restrooms, and now in the outside passenger window of our vehicle when he starts to get in the truck. This causes anxiety and agitation. He was up all night walking around the house looking for the man! What can I do?

Gail, I am so sorry you are dealing with so much right now. First, I would definitely consult your husband’s physician. This is very normal and nothing their office hasn’t seen before. I am guessing they will put him on a medication that will help with his anxiety and agitation. It sounds like he might have some sundowning symptoms going on as well. It is important for him to be able to get some sleep AND YOU TOO! If you are up all night with him, you will get worn out trying to stay up all day to care for him too. It must be scary for him to have these thoughts and it must be scary for you to see your husband in such a state. Please get help because when he is tired and agitated you can’t predict what his next action will be. His doctor should not only give him a prescription, but you should be sure to follow up with any changes you notice once your husband is on the new medication. Good luck and get some rest.

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  • Alison Kudlowski

    A relative aunt of mine is having similar visons. Im not sure if in addition this is happening at night . Unlike the previous example of visions of a stranger my relative sees her grandmother in the mirror and they have a perfectly fine conversation. She doesnt seem afraid or uncomfortable. On occasions when we visit her she talks to other people who are not visible to us and is contented to talk to both ourselves and to us. She has lucid moments in conversation with us but then reverts to talking to those who are invisible during the course of our visit.

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