Is it normal for a person with dementia to close her eyes the whole day while being fed, exercised and laid down to bed? At other times, the person with dementia is wide awake while being fed, walking, listening to stories of the paid caregiver. Is this a cycle with people who have dementia?
Dementia patients often become more and more lethargic and tired as the disease progresses. Sometimes patients can sleep all day and then be up all night or vice versa. Often, they seem to just sit quietly, either in a type of daze or possibly with their eyes closed. Their brains are working double time and it can wear them out to the point of exhaustion. There is also the possibility that light might be bothering their eyes. They could be sensitive to the light, especially if it is bright or shining directly into their eyes. Looking for outside sources of discomfort can help when behaviors change suddenly or with little explanation.

7 thoughts on “Is it normal for a person with dementia to close her eyes all day?

  • Connie Roeder

    My mother in law has both Dementia and Altimers she has been yelling allot but she hardly ever opens her eyes

  • Diane

    Yes now mom doing it more and more. Is this going into later state of dementia? Although with eyes closed she still listens and at times react with smiles or laughter. We love to say something to get her to react. We all laugh when we can break through and get her to respond.

    • Anne

      Hi All! My mom with dementia just started keeping her eyes closed. She appears to be sleepy but it kind of came “out of the blue.” I am not sure if this is associated with her diagnosis or is there something else is going on? She is a dementia unit @ a nearby nursing home… I visit often and I am on top of her care. Hopefully, I’ll know a bit more in the coming days what these symptoms are all about!

  • Anne

    Hi All! My mom with dementia just started to keep her eyes closed when speaking. She did appear to be sleepy but it kind of suddenly came “out of the blue!” Not sure if it’s associated with her diagnosis or it related to something else?

  • Patty

    Hello everyone, my husband just started sleeping all day and most of the night. He does it open his eyes at all even to eat. He is also very internally preoccupied, sometimes yelling. This change seemed come overnight.

  • Carol Ramsey

    My Mom has started to keep her eyes closed most of the time. Up most of the night & sleeping all day. Tonight she seemed belligerent, started opening her eyes around 4:45 PM & proceeded to call me (her daughter) by her Sister’s name. She was completely wild and saying all sorts of stuff. So unusual.

    She too has dementia and Alzheimers. So sad.

  • Joanne

    My mom completely changed in two weeks . She kept her eyes shut and would start to eat imaginary food.Then she would be shouting .It’s truly an awful disease.xx

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