How do I respond to my 82-year-old mom who thinks she has young children?

How do I respond to my 82-year-old mom who thinks she has young children? Sometimes we have to go look for them and other times she wants to purchase clothing. There is no simple answer for dealing with a loved one who is hallucinating or having delusions. Please reassure your… Read More

Do Alzheimer’s patients feel pain?

Do full onset Alzheimer’s patients feel pain as normal patients would? My mother broke her hip yesterday and docs aren’t giving her pain meds because she doesn’t “seem” to be in pain. We will not be surgically repairing her hip, but I worry about her pain level. She is virtually… Read More

How can I get her to wash her hair?

The lady I take care of thinks she washes her hair but she does not. How can I get her to do that? – Betsey Without more background information, it is hard to give you specific guidelines. But some general suggestions are to make washing her hair more of a… Read More

Why is mom putting her dinner in a plastic bag?

My mum has dementia and has recently been putting her dinners in a plastic bag and showing my dad an empty plate. Why would she do this? -Jeanette It is very common for dementia patients to stop eating. There are many speculations and many reasons why this may be occurring… Read More

Mom suddenly wants my sister-in-law out of her house. Will this pass?

My mother has decided that my sister-in-law (her primary caregiver) is evil and she wants her out of the house. My brother and his family have lived with my mom since they were first married (16 years). Mom does not remember that SIL (sister-in-law) is married to my brother. She… Read More

How will we know when my mother needs full-time care?

How do we know when we shouldn’t leave my mother alone anymore? Any basic guidelines for knowing it is time for her to have full-time care? Will we just know? The decision to move a parent or loved one into a care facility or bring in help full-time is a… Read More

What should I do about my mom’s anger towards her dog?

My mom has Alzheimer’s. We moved her back in with us about 2.5 years ago so we could care for her. She has a miniature dachshund that came with her (Dotty). Dotty is my mom’s little baby. She carries her around, sleeps with her, walks her twice a day, slips… Read More

Any advice on how to minimize aggression and anger behavioral symptoms?

  My husband is 74 and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for 4 1/2 years. He is physically very healthy. No memory of anything he does or I say. On Exelon patch and Namenda XR and low dose of Seraquel for anger management the past 2 years. It has worked… Read More

Do you recommend any books about Alzheimer’s for children?

Our grandchildren are 7 and 10 and are having a hard time understanding what their grandmother has and why she is the way she is. Are there any books addressing these issues written for their age group? What a wonderfully concerned grandparent you are! There are many books for not… Read More

Can Mom really not do certain tasks or does she just not want to?

Mom, diagnosed with moderate cognitive impairment, who has never had a strong healthy regimen, is starting to lie to me about performing tasks (that I know she is capable of doing), and I find myself constantly asking, is this something she can’t do anymore or won’t do anymore? Examples: wash… Read More