When is the right time to start exploring assisted living facilities?

Last year my mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia at only 61 years old. She had to leave her job as a nurse of 20 years, she can’t drive anymore, and has virtually no short-term memory. I am paying for my aunt to be with her 20 hours per… Read More

How can I get my Mom to eat?

Mom has developed a poor perception of thinking she has eaten and is full. It is now increasingly difficult to get her to even drink ensure. She will take a few small sips and then say,”I just ate a big lunch I’m full.” She is losing weight rapidly and I… Read More

Is there any treatment for snoring with a very loud waling sound while exhaling?

Is there any treatment for snoring with a very loud waling sound while exhaling? My mom needs someone near her when sleeping, but I cant sleep in a bed next to her with this sound. Any suggestions? There are treatments, and you will have to visit your family doctor to… Read More

Who is qualified to diagnose a person?

Who is qualified to diagnose a person, do you first start with the family doctor? Typically it is a family doctor who gets the initial visit to figure out if something more needs to be tested, looked at or determined. Most patients go to the family doctor seeking answers. Then,… Read More

Is Mom’s anxiety related to her dementia?

Hello. I am trying to find out if the anxiety (almost panic attacks) my mom has when we try to take her for a walk are related to her dementia? She’s 79 and capable of walking, but consistently doubles over with chest pain and wants to return home. She’s been… Read More

What will happen this year with my Mum who’s in year 7 of Lewy Body Dementia?

Mum has Lewy Body dementia, is 73 and was diagnosed 2013. She lives in Ireland with my stepfather who refuses to let her leave to live in England with her 4 children or go into care. She has 1 hr a day help along with 3 days in a day… Read More

How can I change my dad’s resistance to shower?

My dad is in memory care. Lately he has been refusing to shower or shave. He has urinary incontinence due to prostate cancer surgery so showering is a must! The aides just ask and when he digs in they just let him not shower! How can we change this behavior?… Read More

Can you give me some strategies/suggestions for dealing with the shame and embarrassment that Mom’s behaviours sometimes cause?

My mother is in the moderate stages of Alzheimer’s, and her behaviour in public can be socially inappropriate (e.g., talking to people she does not know, inappropriate jokes as well as jokes they don’t understand, handing people chocolates from her purse). It is difficult to distract her or get her… Read More

What’s the best approach to a conversation about moving?

What is the best approach to take when trying to speak with your mother (whose dementia is moderate to severe) about leaving her own home in Illinois and living with us in Maryland? My mother still insists on living alone, continually refuses an in home caregiver, and should not live… Read More

Should I tell my mom her sister passed away?

My mother is being cared for in a group home for dementia and she also can’t walk. She still knows who I am but is very confused about a lot of things. Her sister passed away a few days ago who lives far away. Can I tell my mother or… Read More