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What prompts rare lucid moments? I wish I knew more about what prompts the rare lucid moments, and a way to make them last longer.

The brain controls all functions of our bodies, including being able to communicate and understand what is happening around us. As dementia tangles and plaques increase in the brain, connections and abilities are lost. Our brains work non-stop trying to re-route the connections that have been blocked and sometimes they find another pathway and are able to process thoughts and regain abilities that were not there before. Unfortunately, the plaques and tangles continue to increase, and as they do so, they block those new pathways and the process begins again. There doesn’t seem to be any way to make them last longer and there is no way to tell when they will occur. Just enjoy them when you can.

3 thoughts on “What prompts rare lucid moments?

  • Lance Larsen

    Is their any progress being made to protect the brains rerouted pathways to stay clear and immune from attacks of plaque regenerated in the new pathways.

  • Tasia Walsh

    In my experience I don’t believe it can. I do however feel that the unpredictability of lucidity can be lengthened by a physical activity followed by a cognitive activity. So, going for a long walk followed by reading the paper. The trick is for it to be a meaningful activity for the individual. I also believe that by adding meaningful music to both of the activities a persons mood is heightened which contributes to a willingness to engage and participate.
    15 years working in this field with a Recreation and Leusure a Diploma. Currently working on Therapeutic Recreation Degree.

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