We recently went through an ice storm with loss of power for 4 days. My mom,
who has Alzheimer’s, did not fare well. She was more confused and it seemed to
take a lot out of her. What are your suggestions for taking care of a loved one
during a weather emergency such as this?

Considering the winter we’ve had throughout much of the United States, your
question is timely. Almost all residential care communities have an “emergency
plan,” but sadly I don’t think many families create this important plan.

So first I’d make a general emergency plan including family members to call,
neighbors who could help, etc. For example, who would you call if you became
sick or couldn’t get home to your mother?

Regarding your ice storm, I suspect that much of her stress was caused by the
stress of the situation on you and the rest of the family. Persons with dementia are
often sensitive to the mood of others; worry can be contagious!

In an emergency you need to focus on the basics, e.g., food and medication, heat
and communication.

But if this happens again, put on your best face with your mother and frame the
experience as an adventure, “Mom we are living like the Pilgrims who came to
America. If they made it through, so can we.”

2 thoughts on “What are your suggestions for taking care of a loved one during a weather emergency?

  • laura brown

    I think having picture boards of the persons family always helps. Also having index cards with information about the person is helpful so they can remember things they use to do like fishing or camping and maybe memory albums of trips.

  • DarleneHylton

    Label pictures with identification of those pictured..

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