My husband keeps seeing strangers in our home. I try to explain the doors are locked. He also forgets which city he lives in. We’ve been married 59 years and I don’t want him in a nursing home.

Dear Patricia,

Unfortunately, hallucinations is a common side effect of some forms of dementia. I highly recommend taking your husband to the doctor and getting some medication to help with these. This is not a reason to put him in a nursing home, but at times it can become unsafe if he feels he is in danger while he is thinking someone is intruding into your home.

Congratulations on 59 years of marriage, and I hope you are taking care of yourself while you are taking care of him.

Thank you for writing and please make an appointment as soon as possible with his physician and let him know what is happening.

3 thoughts on “What can I do about hallucinations?

  • Yvonne howes

    My husband had Lewy Body dementia, hallucinations are the worst, but in my experience after a time was to agree that people were there but would begone soon, you have to enter their world to some degree because they truly see things that we dont. I could write a book about the 5 years that I cared for the love of my life, I truly sympathise with anyone who is going through this now, my husband was only 72 when he was diagnosed . I still miss him very much we had 54 years together.

  • Tina Whatley

    please someone help me to understand what to do to help my 52 yr old Down Syndrome brother whom has Alzheimer’s. He now has hallucinations and has become combative but no one seems to know much about Downs and Dementia!
    Lost and in disbelief.

  • Tamara

    My mother (60yrs.) seems to be in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. She can often be heard carrying on conversations with herself. Is this an indication of hallucinations? If so, is it common for a physician to prescribe some sort of anti psychotic to decrease these hallucinations? Also, she seems to always be angry, which was never her temperament. It’s okay for her to be upset sometimes, but she usually takes it out on my Dad whom is her primary caregiver. What may be going on with her and how do we stop that? Thank you in advance.

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