I am a caretaker for my husband with dementia. He is 87 years of age, blind and has trouble walking. When he needs to go potty and we are in public, how do I take him to potty. In the women rest room or what? This really bothers me but he has to have help doing this and cannot see. Thanks.


Hi Nell,

This is always awkward and quite the dilemma. I encourage you to use a sense of humor. Print up some small business sized cards that read:

Surprised to us in here? We are too! I am living with dementia and need assistance. Please rest assured I won’t look under your stall.

Or more to the point: Please be patient and understanding with us. We are living with dementia and must go together to the restroom. Thank you for understanding.

Your local Alzheimer’s Association may have some of these cards pre-printed and could possibly mail them to you. Feel free to improvise as you need to.

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