I Will Remember For You - A Tribute to Families Facing Alzheimer's

Oh the places you used to go,
All the people you used to know,
The stories that you loved to tell
About a life that you lived so well.

It’s fine, you can rest if you want to.
I will remember for you,
I will remember too.

Music is just a story with a melody. The song “I Will Remember for You” played in the video to the right tells the story of a couple touched by Alzheimer’s disease. It was written and performed by former Home Instead staff member Dave Mainelli, and is inspired by all the families they have met who are keeping the memories alive for loved ones experiencing memory loss. Music powerfully communicates emotion and narrative, making it an excellent tool to evoke memories for those living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

To purchase the song “I Will Remember for You,” visit the Itunes Store.

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