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Tips to Prevent Wandering

How do you prevent your loved one from wandering? Sign up for the Missing Senior Network to send alerts to your circle of loved ones and friends, keep a journal to help you identify triggers for wandering, door knob safety covers to limit outdoor access, install devices to alert you when a loved one is on the move, paint exits to match the walls, create pathways to steer clear of wandering opportunities, and hire professional caregivers.

4 thoughts on “Tips to Prevent Wandering

  • Srichand Dodeja

    Would appreciate any steps you may recommend.

  • Ruth Terragnoli

    I will appreciate information about wandering for alzheimersfor a85 year old sister who still lives in a apartment building and not in late stages yet. Also confused . seeing , at times a lady watching her in different rooms of her apartment ,especially in mirrors which we have covered but left some so she can dress. Thank you. Ruth

  • Vee Skobel

    Although this month’s wandering story is not helpful to me because my husband cannot stand or walk, I am sure many of the other monthly stories will be helpful as he is also totally blind, along with having Alzheimer’s. Looking forward toward reading the monthly thoughts, stories and comments.
    Thank you

  • Betty

    Over 25 years ago, I was sitting in a bar have a drink, and sitting on a bar stool, I went to lean back. Thinking there was a back too it. I feel back onto a cement floor. My head bounce when I hit the floor, I’m 63 years old now and I have a dent the size of a silver dollar. I have asked doctors if they would do a MRI and they said no you will probably end up with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Till this day I’m worried about a tumor or something worse.and when I purchased on it. It’s still sore. What should I do to get a doctor to take me Serious. I’m very scared….thanksBety

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