In need of a good laugh? Try starting one. Laughter is infectious. Many people with mid to late Alzheimer’s are still capable of getting a joke or seeing the absurdity in a situation. Others laugh almost reflexively, mirroring the emotion of those around them.

Some smile-makers to try:

  1. Watch a slapstick comedy, such as a Charlie Chaplin movie, that involves more physical humor than dialogue.

  2. Read aloud from a bad-joke book.

  3. Watch a goofy TV program, like America’s Funniest Home Videos.

  4. Search YouTube for funny videos of dogs and children. (Search dogs on skateboards or babies laughing).

  5. Recollect some absurd story from your family’s past: silly things a child once said, crazy mistakes Grandpa made, the time you got lost at Disney World and got rescued by Goofy.

  6. Put out birdseed and watch birds and squirrels go at it. Feeding ducks at a pond or watching animals in a petting zoo or pet store are other reliable smile-makers.