Tips to Encourage Engagement and Activities

Play a game like checkers, chess or scrabble. Go out for a walk around the block/walk the dog, if the weather permits. Color together using the large-sized crayons, which are easier on senior’s hands. Ask your loved one to peel the potatoes or cut the green beans for dinner. Gather… Read More

10 Activities to Keep Your Loved One Occupied During Travel

Bring an old photo album along to look at pictures. Play your loved one’s favorite music in the car. Be sure to have snacks and water. Play trivia about TV shows and musicians of their day. Provide a purse with items to go through, like junk mail and old jewelry…. Read More

Suggestions to Keep Your Loved One Engaged

Get your loved one involved. Give them the hand towels and wash cloths to fold. Try giving them the big piece baby puzzles to work on at the kitchen table. Put a CD together of your loved one’s favorite songs and sing and dance with them. If safe, ask for… Read More

Dementia Holiday Activities That Lower Stress

Make decorations. Have fun with food. Make a soothing atmosphere. Read More

Recommended Exercises for Someone with Dementia

Simple stretches and strength training. Try using canned goods as light weights. Tai chi. Find a DVD and try it at home. It helps with balance as well as providing exercise. Walks. Just going around the yard is fine. Early in the disease, walking in a mall might not be too disorienting. Stick… Read More

5 Kinds of Music Someone With Severe-Stage Dementia May Still Enjoy

Favorites from the person’s late teens or 20s. Maybe because young adults are such avid listeners (and, back in the day, dancers), music from this phase of one’s life has been shown to be especially favored decades later. Christmas music. You know yourself (whatever your faith!) how persistently some of… Read More

Sucessful Activities for Someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Build on activities the person has always enjoyed. Aim for the “sweet spot”—not too easy, not too hard. Take common changes of dementia into account. Take glitches in stride. Look patient, act patient, be patient. Don’t challenge or argue. Make activities routine. Read More

6 Ideas for How to Spark a Laugh

In need of a good laugh? Try starting one. Laughter is infectious. Many people with mid to late Alzheimer’s are still capable of getting a joke or seeing the absurdity in a situation. Others laugh almost reflexively, mirroring the emotion of those around them. Some smile-makers to try: Watch a… Read More

Telling your Loved One They Have Alzheimer’s

If you have not told your loved one that they have Alzheimer’s, and the current situation is working, keep going on the same path. Your loved one may or may not be able to articulate their goodbyes to friends even if they knew the full truth. What’s important is to… Read More

How to Gently Exercise an Alzheimer’s Patient’s Mind

Keep expectations realistic—consider what your loved one can do, rather than what they used to do. Stick to short, simple plans—avoid elaborate, multistep activities. Keep your comments positive and encouraging. Avoid treating your loved one like a child. Watch for cues, such as increased distraction or agitation. Make the most… Read More