Person with Dementia is Very Lazy

If this person has been diagnosed with dementia, it may be likely that what feels like lazy behavior to you is this person’s inability to do those tasks anymore without guidance and cues. When people have dementia—even early stages—it can impact their ability to do simple tasks without someone giving them… Read More

No Energy to Engage During the Day Because They’re Up All Night

There are non-drug ways to treat sleepless nights, as well as medications to help treat this problem. It is always best to try the non-drug suggestions first. This includes things such as: maintaining regular hours for meals and for bedtimes, and trying to get morning sunlight exposure. Read More

Tips to Encourage Conversation

Ask more open-ended questions: “Tell me about your time living in Paris, France,” instead of “Did you live in Paris, France?” This may encourage longer and more meaningful answers. Sadly, language centers are damaged by dementia. To understand them, remember that behavior communicates a message. If your loved one is… Read More

Music and Alzheimer’s

Many people with Alzheimer’s respond positively to music. Music can be soothing. Studies have shown that people can become less aggressive and more relaxed. Start with music from your loved one’s era, as this may trigger positive memories and emotions. Read More

Encouraging Physical Activities

It’s best to not have a big discussion with your loved one when you’re trying to get them to do something physically active. You might just say, “Come on Dad, let’s go for a walk around the block.” You could also ask for their help with something that will require… Read More

Loved One is Embarrassed to Go Out in Public

Go out with your loved one so you can be there to help them if you see they’re forgetting something. Say the name of the person who is greeting them before they get embarrassed for forgetting. If there is a particular activity they like to do, take them to that… Read More

Music Helps Stimulate Engagement

Activities, like music, that stimulate the 5 senses can bring joy to a person with Alzheimer’s disease. Music can help calm a person down and/or stimulate engagement. Read More

Tips to get your Loved One Engaged

It’s often helpful to to find something your loved one used to enjoy doing before she developed Alzheimer’s disease that you might be able to still do with them. Even talking to them during short walks might be enjoyable. Read More

Encouraging Activities and Social Engagement

It is possible that your loved one is not interested in going on outings with you because they are too overwhelming. If you can plan activities that are not over stimulating or that create anxiety that would be helpful. Think about the things your loved one has enjoyed doing throughout… Read More

Suggestions to Keep Loved One Engaged

It is important to keep trying things that can stimulate your loved one. If they are losing many of their cognitive skills, try music, encourage physical activity, and get them out of doors for sensory stimulation, natural vitamin D and that spiritual connection that happens for all of us in… Read More