Music to Stimulate

It’s amazing how persons with dementia respond to music. Scientifically, we know that song lyrics and music are in a different part of the brain than words and language. So music is soothing and fun for persons with dementia well into the illness. With music, watch to be sure you… Read More

Bring a Smile to Their Face

Try to find something that they cherished when they were younger. A musician, board game, meal they loved to cook, etc. Reminding them of things they loved will help to bring about feelings of comfort and happiness. Don’t be frustrated if it takes you awhile to figure out which memories… Read More

Photos to Capture and Preserve Memories

Photo albums are just one way to capture and preserve the memories of someone with Alzheimer’s, and oftentimes they are a great way to reminisce. Photos help generate a feeling of familiarity and comfort. Invite other family members to look at old photos with you and your loved one. The… Read More

When Your Loved One Won’t Answer Questions

Sometimes, it can be hard to get a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia to express their preferences. When asked how they’re feeling, they might always say “fine”—or when asked what they want, they may always say “I don’t want anything” It can be hard to be patient when you ask… Read More

Should You Talk to Your Loved One About Things They Can’t Remember?

If you believe that it will upset your loved one to discuss things from their past that they can no longer remember, then don’t discuss them. Instead, ask them to tell you stories about their childhood or other memories that they can remember. Talking about things that your loved one… Read More

8 Memory-Sharing Activities for Someone With Alzheimer’s

“Remember that time when…” Uncle Bob began, launching into a story that soon had everyone smiling and laughing. “At Dad’s surprise birthday party, the real surprise came when Mary was carrying the cake into the dining room. She tripped over the cat and the cake went flying right out of… Read More

Engaging an Alzheimer’s Patient: Managing Family Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

This video covers how to keep your loved one engaged. People living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias often experience problems with memory, thinking and the ability to perform everyday tasks. This can cause stress, depression and a variety of behavioral symptoms. Research tells us that by keeping our loved… Read More

Tips for Engaging a Person with Early Stage Alzheimer’s

There are ways to try and engage a person with early stage Alzheimer’s. The first is to build on what your loved one found interesting in the past. Follow his or her’s passion and help this person participate in pursuits he or she always enjoyed, even if it is in… Read More

Evening Activity Ideas for a Person with Dementia

Music and movies work well with persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in the evening. Music is particularly effective with persons with cognitive loss; for example, many caregivers have noticed that their family members enjoy singing and can recall song lyrics long after writing and speech have declined. Your… Read More

Are Pets a Good Idea for People with Alzheimer’s?

A friendly dog or cat can be a magical addition to any family. Pets offer unconditional love, help fight depression, and give us a sense of purpose. Pets can be a “lifesaver” for families coping with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. For the person with dementia, animals: Offer affection and… Read More