The following tips are provided by the Alzheimer’s Association, the world’s leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research.  ©2013 Alzheimer’s Association, reused with permission.

Aggressive behaviors may be verbal or physical. They can occur suddenly, with no apparent reason, or result from a frustrating situation. While aggression can be hard to cope with, understanding that the person with Alzheimer’s or dementia is not acting this way on purpose can help. Here are some tips on how to respond:

  1. Try to identify the immediate cause.
  2. Rule out pain as a source of stress.
  3. Focus on feelings, not facts.
  4. Don’t get upset.
  5. Limit distractions.
  6. Try a relaxing activity.
  7. Shift the focus to another activity.
  8. Decrease level of danger.
  9. Avoid using restraint or force.
  10. Share your experience with others.