Everyone is different, so Alzheimer’s is different in each person. A substantial number of Alzheimer’s patients can exhibit some aggressiveness at some point. It can be alarming to see someone who is normally peaceful become loud and angry all of a sudden. The good news is that, by watching carefully, you can notice what triggers an upset and avoid this wherever possible. Frustration is a big one, for example.

There are techniques that can help manage challenging behavioral symptoms which you should look at now. That way, if the person does behave in challenging ways, you will be more prepared. Home Instead Senior Care has developed a series of short videos and other resources at: homeinstead.com. Just click on the Alzheimer’s disease tab at the top of the page. They have also developed helpforalzheimersfamilies.com. At the same time, there are medications that can also help control aggression. It’s a good idea to speak to your doctor about this.

If you ever feel you cannot manage any behavioral changes, seek out professional help. A good starting point is your local Alzheimer’s Association.